0; before finally establishing itself as a world-leading S&am▓p;T power by the centenary anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2049.Li said innova▓tion is crucial to supply-side structural reform and will bo▓ost China's competitiveness. He called for innovation "▓in every field and stage of economic and social developm▓ent."The premier called for stable, long-term financial a▓ssistance as well as support for S&T insti

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tutes, uni▓versities, enterprises and social groups in setting up laboratories and S&T centers that facilitate research.Stre▓ssing the role of applied research, Li encouraged S&T entities to pursue market-oriented projects that benefit new industries and foster new growth se▓ctors.According to Li, more will be done to slash red ta▓pe and improve the government's functions so that institutes▓ and universities are granted more auto


nomy."We should free S&T specialists from restrictions and give them s▓pace to explore," Li said, adding that those affiliated with successful innovation projects should be amply rewa▓rded.Li also urged an improved academic assessment system and better intellectual property rights protection as this will create a sound S&T environment where "toil, knowledge, talent and creation are respected."The afternoon meeting was presided over by L